Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mimi Makes Pie

Today I made a cherry pie with my mom! If you have a 12v oven, toaster oven, or any other type in your van (or RV), you can make pie too. Now I have to help with the dishes and eat *Pie*! I'll post our easy pie crust recipe next time. Laters!


  1. I think the new addition is very lovely

  2. Hey heidi do you have a solar oven?

  3. Hey Rodney! :)

    No, we have a small (toaster oven size) convection oven. We don't really have room for the regular solar type, but we're going to make a more compact version.

    I used Bob's solar oven at the Slabs last year... I loved it! I really would like to go solar. As it is, we just got a new inverter with two new batteries, so powering the small convection oven won't be an issue.

    Thanks for stopping by. -Heidi