Saturday, October 10, 2009


The name Mimi comes from the opera La Boheme, a favorite of my mother.

*****An english translation of Mi Chiamano Mimì*****
Yes, they call me Mimi, But my real name is Lucia.
My story is short. I embroider on cloth or silk.
I live a quiet and happy life. My hobby is making flowers.
Gentle things please me. Things that speak of love and spring.
Things that speak of dreams. These things that have poetic names.
Do you understand me?
They call me Mimi, but I don't know why.

I live alone. I don't often go to church, but I pray a lot.
I live alone in my little attic and look over the roofs to the sky.
When the spring is here again...the sun's first rays are mine.
The first kiss of April is mine!
I watch a rose in a vase unfold, petal by petal.Its scent is so sweet.

The flowers I make have no perfume.
You can listen here:

I like almost all types of music. My love of opera comes from my mother, as hers came from her father.

If you're still with me...
And because of my origins in opera, I'll start my first blog with my favorite:

Here is one interpretation:
Ave Maria! Maiden mild!
Listen to a maiden's pleading from these rocks, stark and wild,
my prayer shall be wafted to thee. We shall sleep safely till morning,
though men be ever so cruel.
O Maiden, see a maiden's distress, O Mother, hear a suppliant child.
Ave Maria, undefiled!

When we upon this rock lie downto slumber, and they protection covers us,
The hard stone will seem soft to us. If Though smilest, the scent of roses will float
Through this murky cavern,
O Mother, hear a child's petition, O maiden, 'tis a maid that calls!
Ave Maria, Maiden pure,

the demons of the earth and air, drien forth by thy gracious glance
cannot stay here with us. We will camly bow to fate since thy holy comfort hovers over us; Mayest though be favourably inclined to the maiden,
To the child that pleads for her father!
You can listen here:

Welcome to my blog. I'll write about my life and travels here. .. about the things that speak of love, of spring, and dreams.