Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Video Store

Ever since Blockbuster took over Movielink, I've been looking for a new "Movie's on Demand" source. I wanted one without a membership and with the features I had before.

For being on the road, when you're around civilization at all, I'm not sure you can beat Redbox. $1 per movie. If you need to keep it another day, it's just another buck. You can pick your movie up at McDonald's in Port Angeles, WA and drop it off when you get to the Walmart in Carlsbad, CA. The selection of the Redbox locations is great! At Redbox online, you can find out where the movie is that you want to see, or check a particular location for available movies. You can then reserve your movie right online. If you can't tell already, I love Redbox! For a "Vandweller", Redbox is almost "movies on demand", because chances are you're next to a Redbox location. Now, let's say you're not... or you can't get back to civilization anytime soon.

I think I've found a true movies on demand source. If I want to buy a video or rent one I don't have to take back, I'd use Amazon's Movies On Demand. However, I wouldn't use this if I had to use my 3g bandwidth. Here's why I think it's great:

Let's say we're just about to leave for an extended back country boondocking trip. I want to take along a few movies. I would go to my favorite coffee shop, download the movies I want to buy (or rent), and off I go. I would watch the rented movies first, as they expire.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!



Amazon's Movies On Demand:

Here's a preview:


  1. heidi, this is an excellent post, an issue that has been on my mind for awhile. you know how cinematically challenged i am! i am intent on changing that! once i get my cellular/internet straightened out, the next will be movies. the droid has a nice wide screen, so i may use that.

    thanks for the amazon link, and also for the info that you can rent redbox in one place and return it somewhere else. that's a bonus. i used to rent audiobooks at cracker barrel in one place and return it in the next state. cheap too, after the deposit is returned!

    thanks as always for the god research!

  2. that was supposed to be good research, lol!

  3. I didn't know about Cracker Barrel audiobook rentals... I've only heard about being able to stay in the lots. Also, they sure have great food! I've only been once, but I'll be sure to go there again when we're near one. mmmm And they have sock monkeys!
    Yeah well, God research also. I'm always reading something.

  4. i like to think of my life as god research, in a way :-)

    yeah, CB has great selection of audio books. rent in one state, return in another. no time limit, but they hold a deposit until return.or a credit card number, i forget exactly how it works. i used it on a trip to maine once.

  5. Brilliant! You seeing anyone? I am in love!


  6. Just my silly husband ;) I'm in love 2!