Sunday, January 17, 2010

Twiggy No More and We Are "Expecting"

My netbook (Twiggy) has had some issues and will be replaced with a new netbook like Dexter.  Dexter is Michael's Samsung N110.  The "Starving Student" also got one for Christmas.  Dexter has been really great (although extremely smarmy about his 9.5 hours of battery life).

Here's a peek at the expected new member of the family:


  1. Very Cool...good for you Heidi...I sure like how roomy the lounge area of your van is in the above pic...esp like that it has a fireplace...Mike has really worked out on that one! ;^)

  2. Well just wait 'til you see the *real* mods! Michael has realy done amazing work! No firepace yet, but you never know with him!

  3. Thanks Sweetheart! That was nice to see!

    Bri, it's a slideout...

    That is one cute monkey! Love to see her in front of the TV :)